• It has a Sony 800TVL dual-core CCD camera
  • High quality LED night vision with minimal ambient light
  • Has a photocell to light the LED flash in the dark
  • Ability to adjust the camera in four directions
  • Resistant to weather conditions (-30 ~ ~ + 65 ℃)
  • It has surround sound and the ability to adjust the round sound
  • Ability to install to two video monitors
  • Can be installed in hot, cold, humid and dusty weather conditions (IP51)
  • Ability to turn on the door light at the same time as displaying the image (RL-1)
  • Ability to open the door with remote control (VT-C4)
  • You work with a beautiful and durable aluminum cover with a holding hinge

Dimensions = Height: 185mm, Width: 130mm, Depth: 63mm

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