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Smart digital video door opener

Vinta digital video Aiphone panel has high quality with features
And there are unique features that can be found in this type of AiPhone
Picture for apartments and buildings with many units
Is used.
AiPhone digital video panel with night vision features, name storage
For each unit, these panels are compatible with any weather conditions and
Due to its aluminum material, it has high strength and beauty.

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Door Openers

Arm jacks

Arm jacks are products that act like human hands and help a person to open the door and help him. In fact, arm jacks jam when the remote button is pressed, which causes the parking door to open. And is done to close the action of the photo and the arms are opened and return to their original position.

Arm jacks are one of the most widely used products of homes in Iran and even in the world because it has useful properties and high efficiency. The fact is that arm jacks have a high speed in opening and closing parking doors, which is why people tend to have these facilities in their building.

Aiphone Video

It is a type of opener that has gained a lot of popularity among the people due to its security for the building.
Video iPhones in commercial and residential areas are very useful for opening and closing the door and knowing who is behind the door, because it has reduced the inconvenience and increased the security. Video iPhones In addition to showing the image of people behind the door, there are other features that actually act as a guard. Also, video iPhones have different categories, which are created according to the features they have in this Text We want to define video iPhone and its features and characteristics.

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